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One of the major aspirations of the DIT Mwanza campus is to continuously expand its library services in order to foster students learning and improve professional working conditions of staff. The campus has at present a library whose collection is primarily geared towards providing materials and documentation services to support teaching and learning activities. The collections include materials for courses in the fields of Footwear and Leather Goods Technologies, Leather Technologies, Information Technology, Science and Laboratory Technology as well as supporting subjects such as Mathematics and Communication Skills.

Membership: Any person attending a course or working at DIT is entitled to the use of the library services, and therefore allowed to register him/ herself as a member.

The library facilities are available to all students with valid Identity Cards. Every student shall enjoy the services of the library except for those students who for any good cause, have been banned from use of such services and those services shall be available to students at such hours as the management may prescribe.

Any student borrowing books, periodicals, magazines or any document from the Library shall personally be responsible for their care, safety and shall return them to the issuing offices or Librarian on the specified date for their return.  

1. Mr. J. Magambo

Opening Hours 

Monday - Friday 12.00 – 16.00 hrs
Saturday and Public Holidays - closed 


Makongoro road (airport road)
P.O. Box 2525, Mwanza - TANZANIA
Tel: +255 (028) 2981164/6,
Mob: +255(0) 764 407023., +255(0) 655 407023 or

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