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About DIT Mwanza Campus

Information and Communication Technology Unit


Currently this unit is possessing one networked computer laboratory which can accommodate up to twenty five students at a time. And it is equipped with other facilities in order to deliver excellent training in ICT related subjects. The unit is also responsible for providing ICT services to other academic units and the supporting staffs.

Head of ICT Unit,
Mr. Dickson D. Katendele
DIT Mwanza Campus,
P.O. Box 2525, Mwanza
Mob: +255 (713) 340 212,

List of staff
Tutorial Assistant
1. Dickson Katendele

ICT Technician
2. Salum Omary


Makongoro road (airport road)
P.O. Box 2525, Mwanza - TANZANIA
Tel: +255 (028) 2981164/6,
Mob: +255(0) 764 407023., +255(0) 655 407023 or

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