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About DIT Mwanza Campus

Historical Background

In early 1984-1990s, Goverment of the United Republic of Tanzania(URT) with assistance from United Nations Industry Development Organization(UNIDO)established the Tanzania Institute of Leather Technology(TILT) in Mwanzaas a training centre of Leather Technology,Footwear and Leather Goods. 

The Institute aimed at supporting Tanzania's leather industry through training of stakeholder in fields of hides and skins presevartion, collection process and manufature of Footwear and Leather Goods. 

Every since its completion and installation of machennery and equipments, the institute has never offered any trainning or any other related activivties due to various reasons including, the state of collapse of the leather indusrty by then

In respond to that, in 1994 the Ministry of Indusrty, Trade and Market through the President Parastatal Sector Reform Commission(PPSRC) handed over this public institute to care-taker, private sector.

Since then, the care-taker if this institute had been utilizing the Institute infrastructure, equiepments and other faciclitiesfor tanning raw skins and hides, and production of leather products.

of recent, in an effort to strengthen the country's economy, the Government cited leather industryas one of the potential revenue and job creation sector which can contribute significantly towards the economic development of Tanzania

In order to address this issue, the government decide to reinstate the original intend purpose of establishing the former TILT which was to offer training on leather technology and leather products as well serve Tanzania leather manufacturing industries, including small scale leather enterprises.

In May 2010, the Presiddnt of the United Republic of Tanzania, his Excellency, Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, handed over the TILT to Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology, through the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology(MCST)with plan for DIT to accomplish and Further develop the purpose established TILT and according to the stipulated KILIMO KWANZA policies.

Message from the Head

DIT Mwanza campus continues to serve societal needs and excel in academics. In the academic year 2017/18, I am pleased to inform you that, we have introduced a one year Leather based programme, Basic Technician Certificate in Leather Products Technology, leading to a National Technical Award (NTA Level 4). This adds up to the existing programme and courses, Ordinary Diploma in Science and Laboratory Technology, Leather Craft Tanning, Basic Shoe and Leather Goods Making, and Information and Communication Technology.  
To spearhead realization of Tanzania industry economy by year 2025, DIT Mwanza campus has revolutionalised Leather Processing and Leather Products Technology trainings by adopting a teaching factory approach, whereby trainings are interactively linked to real life factory/industrial businesses. In addition to that, we continue to support the Tanzanian hides and skins derived industries to leather products development.
With these achievements and more to come, we thank all developing partners including, the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Labour, Youth, Employment and People with Disability, with whom we have entered a Memorandum of Understanding for Skills Development Training to One thousand youths in Leather Industry, and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) for human resources capacity building to mention a few.
We are optimistic to realize our vision and mission.

Vision, Mission  and Function


To become an efficient and competent leather training centre within and outside Tanzania.


To ensure provision of competent personnel in leather industry, and appropriate training programmes for the development of an efficient, competitive and sustainable leather industry.


• To conduct training on hides and skins improvement; leather technology; footwear and leather goods production, and leather machinery technicians,
• To demonstrate appropriate skills in manufacturing leather, footwear and leather goods according to standards and specifications,
• To conduct demand driven research and development in the leather value chain,
• To offer consultancy services in the leather value chain,
• To design, produce and market quality leather, footwear and leather goods,
• To contribute to the review, formulation and implementation of policies and strategies related to the development of the leather industry. 


Makongoro road (airport road)
P.O. Box 2525, Mwanza - TANZANIA
Tel: +255 (028) 2981164/6,
Mob: +255(0) 764 407023., +255(0) 655 407023 or

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